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:: Friday, July 30, 2004 ::

end of the month tally
So the Month of July is now over. Well, it will be after tomorrow. I am back at work, it's raining now and likely will be in the AM. So the riding is done till another calendar month appears... I mentioned at the beginning of July that I had intended to ride 10% of the Tour's distance. That would have been 336km. When I pulled in the driveway today, I completed 711.87km. Thirty-nine kilometers longer than twice my goal. And get this: I did that in 16 days. Total of 29 hours or so in the saddle. And so far this year I have pedalled more than I did all of last year combined. Over 1200km so far...

I know that some of you think I am nuts /fanatical to ride that much or that far. Perhaps. I will conceed that much. But the benefit to my mind and my body have been awesome. I can honestly say that I am in much, much better shape than when I have ever been. I am now used to - and flattered by -the odd complement from people that I know, and from those I don't know too well. But it is about health. It's about energy. It's about a positive, up beat outlook that some find amusing. It's about burning 175,000 fat calories in 12 months ( the amount to burn to lose 50 lbs.or 22.6kg of fat). And yeah, it's about some pretty sweet calves after climbing all those hills. :) but we can't wear shorts at work, so you lose out on that angle. :)

Fabric Softy man
And speaking of fat, here is something that I find annoying. Or gross. Or sad. I couldn't find a link to it, but has any one seen the Wal-Mart commercial with the 'employee' who is in charge of fabric softener sheets? He is, I would say - even not being an expert, morbidly obese. What sort of image is Wal-Mart trying to portray? I have nothing against normal actors and models being used on TV instead of the beautiful people (though I like them too...), but this round poster child for high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, over eating etc., is the pitchman for the company? Granted he is better than the smiling yellow flying price cutting thingy, but what does it say about Wal-Mart's health plan and employee benefits? Not to mention that he is walking down the halls of his testing facility and asking women to feel him for softness. HR issue there I think. Get the guy some help, out for a walk and a visit to a doctor / nutritionist.

I don't often go on a rant like that, but heh. Once in a while...

Carpe Diem

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