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:: Saturday, October 16, 2004 ::

Like the clock?
Blogging: I found it used on a blog called Written,inc. that Red (my God she posted too!) sent me the other day. It's only been around for a short bit, but it's a solid read. And he is another London, Ont., Blogger. Oh, and yeah, he is right. The Burger King, 'King' character is creepy as all hell. What is he doing in bed with that guy talking burgers in that wierded out voice?

Nick Nolte has a blog?
Blogging: Nick Nolte has a blog. Like a wierd diary. Maybe I will run into him when I pass through Malibu next month. Now, that's a sentence I never thought I would write. :)

Watching ScreenSavers
Geek ware: Saw this on Screensavers TV this evening that I PVR'd. The Retropod. Sony didn't like it, but what is to stop someone else doing it for themselves? I see all the Japanese girls doing this. Music plasma is cool too. This flash site helps you find music similar to what you enter in. Six degrees of clever. And hey: Make coffee with caffeinated water! Now that would be a buzz. Dave Foley was on the show and joked about doing that. Too bad WaterJoe is tough to find. Check out their ideas for it... make Jello with WaterJoe for instance... :)

14 layers of Security
Computer Security: Scoble linked to an older post he made about how he keeps his machine, and jewellery pretty locked down.

Distractions: Squares2 are nice little Flash game.

Republican West Wing
TV / Entertainment: CNN article talks with producers of The West Wing, and what will happen next couple of years as the two terms of the Bartlett presidency are wrapping up. Perhaps have a new cast? With a Republican Pres? Naw.

True Facts.
Trivia: When Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen turned 18 in mid-2004, they took official control of a company worth more than the gross national product of Mongolia. Their earnings in 2003 topped $1 billion. More from Funny2.com

Blogging / Geek Alert: I am looking for some mp3 stuff to listen to on my flight next month. I am intrigued by this podcasting stuff (see Engadget's post on it from earlier this month). Essentially it's sending audio files - usually MP3s - right to your iPod or other portable MP3 player. Not music, but rather interviews, conversations, travelogues, lectures and so on. Think personalized talk radio.

I am not into Mac's, so I wasn't sure that the podcaster Scoble linked to - Adam Curry's Daily Source Code - would be interesting. But I downloaded one of Curry's posts, or podcasts?, and it's cool. It will be fascinating to listen to regularly. A radio talk show from his living room in the Netherlands. I downloaded a recent post - 37MB or about 46mins recorded on Oct 4th, 2004- and had a listen while I was posting this evening. He even played a couple of tracks on the podcast - one was Prince's A Million Days from his Musicology album. Pretty good. Overall, the whole podcast was very high quality. I will grab some more for the flight. ITconversations seems to have a good selection of MP3s to DL as well, free registration required. I grabbed Wil Wheaton's Gnomedex talk in two 25MB files.

I wish that this stuff existed when I was going to school in Toronto. I had an hour commute each way to York U from downtown on the TTC. Listening to stuff like this on my Nomad Zen would have been awesome. Of course, with my current 5-7 minute commute to the cube farm, I only get two or three tracks on the cd player in the car. Not that I am complaining about the distance, of course. :) Perhaps I will burn some of these podcasts to CD so I can listen to them driving across the Mojave.

They're not mine officer.
Law Enforcement: From the DEA in the US, where not to hide the drugs. Because they have already found them there.

World Police
Movies: Thunderbirds, South Park Style. CNN thought Team America: World Police was hilarious.
Team America: World Police arrives in theaters with what has to be the most unusual, unprecedented blurblet explaining why it received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

The movie contains "graphic, crude and sexual humor, violent images and strong language, all involving puppets."

Google Desktop
Info Porn: Google searches the desktop. They search the internet. Now with a small downloaded app, it can seatch your computer for files too. Watch out Microsoft. Google might have beat you too it. Scoble talks about it here, and links to much more at Search Engine Watch.

Carpe Diem

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