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:: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 ::

Some assorted flavour of links. Some funny, some odd.

PONG 4D. Not really 4 dimensions, but its damn hard. Not your old school Atari Pong.

Here is something that my typing at work friends could use. Not sure what QA scores would be like, but it would be helpful I am sure: The English to AOL chat translator.

How crazy can a signature get, and who would notice?

I thought the site was a joke, and then realized it was a legitimate Remington Razor site in the UK. And really. Its just a beard and moustache trimmer. Just made all girlie. But if you ever wanted to know the 411 on beckhams and brazillians the site is for you. No photos, but the content is intended for adults. The site served as a starting point for my weekend. nothing like a bit of edjumakayshun.

When I played one of the original versions of MS Flight Sim. I saw ghost planes around Champaign-Urbana Airport, but that was cuz I was playing on a 286 with a monochrome green screen. I wonder what the real things are buzzing around Chicago?

For those you you trying to keep up on the Gubernatorial recall election in Californey-ya, here is the We Love Arnold Web Site. Sample information on the site: on Running for Governor: "It's the most difficult [decision] I've made in my entire life, except the one I made in 1978 when I decided to get a bikini wax." Should have gone to the Remington site first...

And speaking of Bikinis here is a beach babe tennis game. Read the instructions.

And for those who prefer football - the UK kind, here is a game that involves that most Brit tradition, the streaker. The down arrow scores point in a humourous way. Contains some, uh, small nudity. And for those who would watch a commercial during the footie match when the streaker is on, they could see this.

Don't hold surprise parties in Norway. Dumb Ass.

And if you want to be on Canadian Idol - I know that begs the question why? - don't go running around Winnipeg in winter spanking your monkey. That might cancel your chances at fame. I think he had his 15 minutes already. Or maybe two or three...

Grammatical usage of the F word. SWF and contains multiple instances of the word. Requires sound. Can't remember if I posted that link before or not. Still funny though. Ignore the loading... message and just hit play after a few moments.

Check out what photoshop is doing to models. Editing so they seem younger and less imperfect. This one too. In the second example the skin on the body looked fake. no pores etc. It was intesting that the measurements changed too.

Put some hair on David Beckham. Just for Jo.

Eat the most hotdogs. But cook them first.

After seeing S.W.A.T. last week, I realize that this guide might have come in handy. Puts a different spin on things for sure.

When Kittens Attack.

I didn't know there was a bandwidth cap. Honest. Will you take a cheque?

Next on COPS: slow speed pursuit on the sidewalks of New York. Somehow I don't see Sipowitz using this on NYPD Blue.

Speaking law enforcement and dumb asses. Don't shoot at people in Pittsburg with paintball guns. They shoot back. I could see doing it here, but come on. And don't toss your empty cans of beer at police cars.

Crank on some head banging tunes

Why names on sports jerseys should not be allowed. Or make it like licence plates and have someone rubber stamp them. Hope she gets married. Though the ads in the paper ( Jay Leno style) would be quite funny.

I need a spokesman. Or spokesbird.

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