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:: Thursday, November 04, 2004 ::

(Written in Starbucks)
Using the laptop outside: Starbucks have done some renovating at the Masonville Chapters. New overstuffed chairs to replace the ones they had before. New display cases and hard ware behind the barista's counter. Lots of new product in boxes still being unpacked as well. I was intending to sit at the big study table but it was gone. I sat in one of the new chairs away from the window and tried to not get lost as I was writing: the waist lines of many well populated pairs of low cut jeans were regularly at my eye level... navel jewellery and the odd tat' are popular amongst the UWO crowd this year. :)

I had intended to post on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning to be more exact after the results of the US election were becoming known, but Blogger had other ideas. I could get in but not get to the new posts page to type the good words I normally pixelate for you.

So Bush won. Despite being a small 'c' conservative by nature, and likely would be a Republican if I were South of the 49th, I am no fan of bush Bush. I don't think his jingoistic and often misguided politics are good for the world, let alone the US, but it seems the majority of Americans disagree. Nearly 59 million voted for him, more than 3 or so million than did so for Kerry. Now, that may not seem like a big margin, but in elections that is quite decisive. It gives the victor a clear mandate to do what he has promised he would. The people have endorsed him soundly. I say that they have now made their beds, now they have to lie in them. And with a House and Senate firmly Republican as well, pushing whatever legislative agenda they like should be much easier than I am sure than the Democrats would like - or can do much about.

Listened to Wil Wheaton's Gnomedex 4.0 Webcast that I downloaded from Itconversations a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping to wait till California to give it a listen, but I gave in and over yesterday and today took in the two or so hours as I was out and about. If you read his blog, or know anything about his post Trek existence, you will get a kick out of it. Highlights? Part 1 has him describing voting online once for best Trek episode at Startrek.com, and going to conventions amongst other things, and Part 2 describes his first meeting William Shatner. Part 2 ends with an interview he did right after the webcast. Worth a listen.

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code for Nov 1st pointed to Jon Stewart being interviewed on CSPAN the US version of CPAC. He excerpted a bit of it and it was interesting. Going to see if I can find it later. Curry also talked about the viral nature of Stewart being on Crossfire the other week and within moments it was all over the net and mainly due to bloggers ripping the feed and posting about it. I had it on the Zen yesterday and Bob I. had a good laugh listening to it.

This time next week I will be winging it to San Diego. I'm torn at the same time wanting to compress the period into a singularity to get there now, but at the same time have a crap load to do at work between now and then and would like to have more time. I know both of those elements will balance themselves in the next six days, but I know that if I can make it through the week, the week after is going to be awesome. I had intended to audiopost some of the trip, but I don't have anywhere to host it and I am not sure if I could get that sorted out at this point. I might still do it as I would like to pass on some audio to my mom's cousin in NZ after my being on the boat and am going to burn a CD of pics for her when I am there. Just won't be nearly real time for y'all.

Carpe Diem

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