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:: Sunday, October 30, 2005 ::

misc stuff
misc: OK I went and adjusted the two devices in the house that don't change themselves automatically for the end of DST and the switch to Standard Time. And curiously my watch that receives time signals from Colorado and updates itself overnight, didn't set itself when I had it re-synch. I manually did it - and luckily for me still had the manual to do it. One of those press button A then C twice, then B, and then attach the watch to a string and whirl it around your head for 60 seconds. Well, all but the last bit.

I went to bed at 3am and 2am and woke up at 10am and 9am. Falling back doesn't mess me up usually, but I know when I get in the car I will look at the clock and not believe reality for a moment. Much worse in the Spring for me till I get used to it. It is like crossing a time zone from Indiana to Kentucky and not knowing it and pulling up to an attraction thinking I am barely in time and then realizing I have an hour to kill. Which I did in 2003. :)

Watched Lance in SNL last night too. Sher mentioned he was on the show, but I forgot till after midnight. I set the PVR to record it on one of the Global timeshifted stations, but with the clocks changing and me not knowing if I was going to get a recording I waited and sure enough it didn't work. the PVR got confused SNL was on at 1am in the other time zone and for some reason the PVR didn't kick in. But at 2am, when the PVR thought it was 1am, it started to record the last half hour. Was pretty funny. And Lance poked fun at himself and could act sort of OK which I did not know. It was as funny as SNL gets these days. Which is a former shadow of it's old self.

Did anyone watch the Apprentice? That was some ending. Four people getting fired? wow. (It's been three days if you have not watched it yet too bad... ). It was a bit harsh even though the blew the task and actually reversed sales at a sporting goods store for the day.


Carpe Diem

:: Mike Wood 09:49 [+] :: 5 comments


so does that mean that I have to reprogram my pvr for the shows that are regularly recorded?

By Blogger Karen, at 10:25 AM  

no . I don't think so. I didn't do that in the spring. it was just that i set it to record a show at 0100hrs and there were two of them. I didn't have to reprogram shows in April as far as I recall.

By Blogger mike, at 10:35 AM  

ah, I see, that makes sense. Thanks Mike.

By Blogger Karen, at 7:00 AM  

Karen: It actually did mess up the programming. I looked last night and it it was off by an hour for every program I had set for the 'record all'. Individual ones were not a problem, but spanning the time shift was not a good thing when I had all programs in a givn time slot selected. Hope you checked your recordings!

By Blogger mike, at 10:05 AM  

I do have them all set to "record all episodes in this time slot" but none were for last night so I will reset all of them just in case. Thank you again for the info, I always know where to look when I have a question - none other than the Googlemeister!

By Blogger Karen, at 10:52 AM  

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